Mar 14, 2008

Boy 8-Bit at Glasslands 3/13/08

Met up with Mike and Paul last night to see Boy 8-Bit at Glasslands. We got there on the early side considering doors were at 11:30. Mike had quite possibly the most hellish subway adventure ever on the way over. Things weren't too great when we got inside at first. Neither of us had been to Glasslands before and everyone was just kinda standing around at that point, not really dancing (thought T&B dj's were playing some good stuff). We explored the place, got some beers (another problem was we each had limited cash, no atm's around that we knew of, and no tab) and parked ourselves on a couch and started bs-ing about music (shocking).

The place gradually filled up. Not sure if it was DJ Tameil or Tim Dolla deejaying (it might've been a joint set), but they were pretty good. Played a diverse set...everything from Daft Punk to a sick re-work of Aretha Franklin's Respect, Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton (hah, wish I were kidding). Seriously though, barring that last song, it was a nice set.

We had gotten off the couch and started dancing just before Boy 8-Bit went on. He was awesome. I don't even know how to describe what he played because it didn't really sound like anything I've heard before. In the beginning things did have an old school computery 8-bit tinge to them, but very subtle, not in your face. I recognized maybe a handful of tracks out of his set, but I don't know any of the names, just know I've heard em before. I don't really know what to call what he played. For simplicity's sake I guess you could say it was electro, but definitely more of a UK sound, not French at all. A banging, non-stop set, like nothing I've heard lately. He tore it up until close to 3:30. Check him out. He'll be at SXSW, then up in Canada...then all over Europe. Hopefully he will be back soon after that.

Really bad cellphone pics (one cool thing was the dj booth was set up in front of this tiled wall w/ different designs, looked all pixelated - funny since it's Boy 8-Bit - you can kind of see the wall in the pics):


Anonymous,  2:27 PM  
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Anonymous,  1:25 PM  

Didnt know Boy 8-Bit was around recently, otherwise I would have gone. =\

I believe Boy 8-bit is also one half of the Presets. I'm dying to see them live again!


showtrotta 1:51 PM  

As far as I know Boy 8 Bit is not half of the Presets. Could you maybe be thinking of KIM -

I've seen the Presets a couple of times before I knew what they were about. Couldn't really get into it either time, but since then I've gotten into a couple of their tracks and like a lot of remixes of their stuff.

Boy 8-Bit 3:31 AM  

Glad you liked the Show - had a lot of fun!

Most of the tunes are easy to find and have been round a while. Kinda sick of trying to stay ahead of the game, now just prefer playing tracks I love - even if it means they are more than a week old ;)

A lot of UK things as you say - Switch, Jesse Rose, FakeBlood, new bits by me. Crookers, some techier european stuff like Stephan Bodzin and Oxia, Dada Life.

Gald you enjoyed it, hopefully be back again soon!!

Dave aka Boy 8-Bit

p.s. I'm not half of The Presets - thats a new one!!

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