Mar 23, 2008

Tortured Soul at the Highline Ballroom and Modeselektor at Studio B 3/21/08

Friday I was off from work. Spent the day having an exhaustingly fun time going on adventures with Eddie. After doing a ton of stuff we went to see Tortured Soul at the Highline Ballroom. On their myspace they are described as "live soulful house" which I would say is accurate. They have a few songs that are really right on, they totally nail it and make you want to get down. Some are a bit more mellow and kind of ehhh. Overall definitely worth checking out though. Just to put things into perspective, if I wasn't totally exhausted by that point in the day I probably would be raving about them. The first few songs were really awesome and I was dying to get down, but my legs just said "Hmm, no, sorry. No dancing for you."

At that point I just kept thinking about how nice it would be to head home and go to bed. But I had bought a ticket to Modeselektor at the B, and Mike was already on his way over there. So we left the Highline around 1 and headed over to Studio B. Thankfully getting some fresh air and chilling on the train for a while brought on a second wind.

Got there about 2. Mike told me Modeselektor had only been on for about 15 minutes (unfortunately I missed everyone else deejaying that night). They had the place going nuts. Their sound was big and banging. One of the first songs I heard them play when I arrived was 'Une bande de mec sympa' by TTC (which is a track that Modeselektor produced). It was great to hear on a loud system. Super fun to dance to. I was bugging out that they played it because up until a couple of days prior it was the only Modeselektor song I had ever heard. I think it was also the only track I recognized the entire time they deejayed. The rest of their set was super hard and banging, but in a different way than what I've been used to lately. The tracks they were dropping were pretty diverse, but all had the bang in common. My only complaint...they only played until 3. Such a bittersweet ending. I guess when someone goes on that late I expect them to close out the night. Still an excellent experience. Would definitely go out to see them again.


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