Mar 10, 2008

Busy P deejaying at Le Royale Friday

RSVP here for $10 reduced admission list. You can also buy a $10 ticket in advance from that same link (which I highly recommend in order to avoid some doorman BS).

Also, this is not official in any way...but been talking to a bunch of peeps aka Dave and we noticed that Justice is playing DC on Thursday and Boston on Saturday...making it possible for them to swing by NY on Friday. The flyer says "+ guests". Cross (haha, that was not intentional) your fingers.

Sorry I didn't get to post the full details on this earlier. Just got back into the swing of things with going out over the past couple of weekends, and quickly got super behind on posting. Also, suddenly found myself writing 'the Week in Dance' over at Brooklynvegan (thank you Dave & Dave!) which kinda threw my posting for a loop here last week. Should be back to normal as I get used to doing both (hopefully soon).


Dave 9:09 AM  

Thanks for the shout out. I saw the man himself, Pedro Winter, at the Black Lips at Bowery last night. He was just straight chillin amongst the crowd. My buddy tried to get some info out of him regarding Justice being in attendance.......he was all silence. That could be good or bad. I am going to go with good.

showtrotta 9:12 AM  

No prob. Pretty wild that Pedro was just hangin at Bowery. I think they're gonna be there Friday. It just works out too perfectly.

Dave 5:00 PM  

I would put money on it.

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