Mar 30, 2008

The Bloody Beetroots and Hearts Revolution at Hiro 3/6/08

Sorry it took so long to post this review!

Busy Paul and I met up to see the Bloody Beetroots at Hiro, but first we witnessed Hearts Revolution. I didn't really know much about them. I'd heard about the whole Choose Your Own Adventure concept for the remixes, thought it was was a cute idea. Some pretty good people did remixes, so I figured the band itself would be pretty good. WRONG! It was probably the most painful show I have been to this year. The beats and everything are very good, but the singer, Lo, is HORRIBLE! This is not a matter of me not liking her voice or style...the girl could not sing.

She actually made me think of Yelle (whose performance at Hiro a few weeks earlier was the complete opposite - check out the French pop awesomeness) only because she was petite and her singing was more like YELLing. She then bitched about it being so late, being tired, and ended saying something like "this is our last song, I have to go to bed." Cry me a river. You are making music for a living and selling cool stuff out of an ice cream truck. I am sorry to hear you are tired at midnight on a Thursday night.

For once the masses at Hiro seemed to actually be listening to the music, and accordingly just kind of looked blankly in the direction of the stage. Nobody was really moving. You could definitely sense some crowd/vocalist tension.

Thankfully their set wasn't terribly long. Before I knew it the Bloody Beetroots were erasing any bad feelings with some wobbly, ill beats. They were really great. Their set was super energetic, one banger after another. I can't remember that much of what they played specifically this far removed from when the actual show was, but I can tell you there was a lot of their own stuff being dropped and a lot of stuff by fellow Italians, Crookers.

Got a couple of cellphone pics of the masked men below:


Also, you should definitely check out the mix the Bloody Beetroots did for the No Love Lost Records Mixtape Project (which I can safely say I am obsessed with at this point).


01. Goose - "Everybody (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
02. Hostage - "Gluttony (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
03. Martin Solveig - "C’est la Vie (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
04. The Bloody Beetroots - "We Are From Venice"
05. The Bloody Beetroots Feat. Congorock - "Blutosky Fucks Popeye (Ep Version)"
06. The Bloody Beetroots - "Butter (Ep Version)"
07. The Bloody Beetroots Feat. Congorock - "Rombo (Draft)"
08. Audioporno - "Choo Choo (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
09. The Toxic Avenger - "Escape (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
10. Timbaland - "Miscommunication (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
11. The Bloody Beetroots - "Wacky Children (Preview)"
12. The Bloody Beetroots - "I Love The Bloody Beetrroots (Radio Edit)"
13. The Bloody Beetroots - "Detroit (Ghetto Edit)"
14. The Bloody Beetroots - "III to Destroy"
15. Goose - "Blackgloves (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)"

ps - in a bizarre twist of fate Hearts Revolution is opening for Yelle at the Highline Ballroom in May:

Tickets/info here.


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