Nov 6, 2007

What's going on this week:


I only saw Pink Skull perform 2 songs back in September, but they were both very good. Hopefully this dude is an equally good dj. The boy seems to like his sprinkles (ps - my boss is a weirdo and calls them jimmies!)...and if that's not a sign of a good dj I dunno what is. If not, it's definitely worth going out to see Jacques.

Wednesday Mathhead is dj-ing at Supreme Trading. There's a flyer, but it might put you into a fit of epilepsy. If you don't mind that, check it out here.

Thursday...the event I am most excited about this week. Yet another bearded, and also another "Mr." of the Ed Banger crew passes through our city:

Not on the radar as much as some other peeps on Ed Banger, but he still brings it. Check him on Hype Machine

Not sure what's up for Friday yet...

Saturday night:

I am very hesitant about this one. I saw Patrick from M.A.N.D.Y. dj a couple of months ago and it was not a good experience. I am hoping it was just a variety of external factors - crowd, venue, etc. Trouble & Bass haven't steered me wrong yet. They will be spinning that night too so even if M.A.N.D.Y. is horrible it should still be a decent night.


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