Nov 21, 2007


After work today I will be scurrying to Grand Central to catch a train, then a ferry, home to suburbia until Sunday, possibly Saturday. But if I were here I would probably be doing one or both of these things tonight:

Devlin & Darko (the Spankrock dj's) were pretty good at Hiro last week.

I'm a little familiar with Kap10Kurt. He's on Plant Music - a good label if you ask me. I really like his song "Die Sleeping", but it's pretty mellow. I also heard his new song, Dangerseekers, which I liked a lot, but it was a remix by Rolf Honey so I really have very little idea what his show will be like tonight.

The other thing going on is this:

I don't know anything about any of the bands, but go see Mike dj! We have similar taste in music so it will obviously be awesome. Haha.

I am thankful that there is nothing that awesome happening while I'm not in the city this weekend. I'm also thankful for the amount of great stuff going on next week, Yea-yuhh!! (and also, obviously thankful for a lot of other more important stuff).

Happy Thanksgiving! Get yo turkey (or whatever) on!


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