Nov 20, 2007

New Presets song and Principles of Geometry

Today on their myspace you can preview a new song by the Presets - My People.

Just listened to it once. I still have mixed feelings about the Presets. I saw them as openers twice without ever hearing any of their stuff beforehand. I think the dude's Aussie accent coming through when he sings throws me off or something. Anyway, about 3/4 through the song I was thinking it was good but nothing crazy...and then it proceeded to get really good. Check it out.

Also, I read about this band in a myspace bulletin, and James from SMD said they were really great so I checked them out. They are pretty good. They don't really sound like anything else I'm listening to...they start out kind of atmospheric, but then get crunchy and subtly bang. It's a nice change...


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