Nov 15, 2007

Tim Fite/Shaniqua!

After I got into Tim Fite I found out he used to be part of "Little T and One Track Mike"...but then I forgot to look into it. Pitchfork offhandedly mentioned it in a recent post about Tim touring with my Brightest Diamond. Apparently this video was pretty successful and was shown on MTV quite a bit in 2001, but it's new to me and too hilarious and awesome not to post:

Also, Tim is playing at the Gramercy Theater with my Brightest Diamond on Saturday. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss it, buy you should try not to! I don't know anything about My Brightest Diamond, but can't say enough good things about Tim. His live show is energetic, interactive and quite zany. His rapping and sampling are like nothing you've heard before. If you haven't heard any of his stuff before prepare yourself and then brace for impact. It might be a bit weird at first, but give it a chance and you will love it.


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