Nov 9, 2007

Mr. Flash at Hiro 11/8/07

Got home from Hiro a bit ago...

Met my new music twin (Paul) there around 11.

There's a line - whack.
They start announcing that single guys aren't getting in - whack.

A few minutes later we are in and the place is EMPTY.

GBH is great about booking big acts, but the whole scene at Hiro is really ridiculous.

Anyway...probably about 1:15 Mr. Flash finally goes on. Opens with Genesis by Justice, follows it with some other Ed Banger goodness, mixed in with a little of this and that (dropped the Way It Is by the Prodigy), and a couple of more Justice tracks. All was good and banging...and then it just all started to wind down. A bit before 2:30 we agree to bounce and without fail, Mr. Flash starts to bang again. The wheels were already in motion though, so we left. Got this pic of the bearded (Ed) Banger on the way out...

Overall, it was a decent set. Definitely started with a bang, and if there wasn't that big lull in the middle, definitely could have been up there with some of the better dj sets I've heard this year.


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