Sep 13, 2008

Trevor Jackson at Mini Rooftop NYC 9/12/08

By the time I heard about the Mini Rooftop, all the events I was interested in were already filled up. So I basically got over it right then and tried to forget about it.

Then Friday afternoon, out of nowhere I got a message from the the été d'amour facebook group:

Party tonight.
7pm to midnight.
Music by Trevor Jackson (London) & Chateau Flight (Paris).
Open bar all night.

yea-yuhh! There were only a couple of events I wanted to go to on the Mini Rooftop and this was one of them. I have really wanted to see Trevor deejay again, ever since the debacle at Love in February.

I arrived around 10. The party was moved indoors from the roof since it had been raining earlier in the evening. The roof was left open so you could go up and hang out, but the deejays and bar were inside, 1 floor down. There were two long backless couch/bench things to lounge on. People were mainly chatting. There were literally three people dancing. I was a little concerned because while I didn't care so much at the moment, I really hoped more people would be dancing by the time Trevor started.

A little bit before 11 he went on, opening with a banging remix of "Situation" by Yaz, and spun a blissful funky electro set until the party was over at midnight. Thankfully by then five people were dancing and the delicious free booze made me feel like that was enough for me to hit the floor. So I danced my ass the entire set and had a great time. For the most part the place stayed in chat/mingle most the floor got maybe 15 people full.

I talked to Trevor for a minute before I left. I thanked him for the great set and asked if he was deejaying anywhere else in NY this weekend. No :( He thanked me for dancing which was pretty awesome.

I went to see Linus Loves at Le Royale afterwards, but could not shift gears from funky to regular electro so I left after 30 minutes or so.

Here a couple of pics of Trevor deejaying:


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