Sep 10, 2008

Soulwax Tickets for October 24th show at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza on Sale Tomorrow (9/11) at noon!

Tickets for Soulwax's October 24th show at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza go on sale here tomorrow (September 11th) at 12 noon!

The bill is listed on Livenation's website as follows: Outsiders, Pete Tong, Soulwax with Rob Da Bank, The Whip, Luciano, Late of the Pier, James Lavelle.


On Ticketmaster the show is listed as "Outsiders featuring Pete Tong and Soulwax", going on sale here at 12 noon on Friday (September 12th). Tickets are $55...worth it, but DAMN!


Scott 12:53 PM  

Yeah OK- now I am confused. Soulwax is not headlining? Who are the Outsiders? I am not going to take the bus from DC if Soulwax is only opening with a 30 minute set! Please clarify if you have any updated info.

showtrotta 12:56 PM  

Yes, apparently Soulwax are not headlining and Outsiders are the only act out of the line-up listed I haven't heard of and can't find anything on other than an old psychedelic band from the 60'/70's going by that name. I'm as confused as you are.

Their show in August when they headlined was only an hour, but totally amazing. Not sure if you personally would want to do a busride for that though...

Scott 1:10 PM  

I've seen SW and 2manyDJ's a couple times before and always awesome. I found the same 60's/70's band on YouTube and was horrified. $55 is a lot when we have some no name band/dj or a couple senior citizens headlining. Tickets for the SW show in San Francisco are only $18! Very strange.

showtrotta 1:14 PM  

Soulwax's new live show is great because they have been doing live versions of their already awesome to begin with remixes.

This sudden big line-up is a mystery to me. I hope to find out more soon...or that they announce a second smaller headlining show at another venue.

Faze,  3:39 PM  

I actually saw The Whip in Manchester (UK) while I was over and would say they are worth going for as much as Soulwax. Their set was also an hour - so hopefulyl at least 2 good hours solid music from Whip/soulwax.?

showtrotta 11:12 AM  

Thanks for the info Faze. Very good to know. I've just recently started getting into some of the Whip's stuff. If they're as good as you're saying I'm going to try hard not to miss them!

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