Sep 2, 2008

Chemical Brothers' best of, "Brotherhood" out today!

The Chemical Brothers' best of album, Brotherhood is out today!

It includes some of their hits from past years as well as recent tracks "Keep My Composure" featuring Spankrock (previously only available on the "Heroes" soundtrack) and "Midnight Madness".

I love the Chemical Brothers but there is a lot of overlap with this album and Singles 93-03, BUT! there is also a deluxe double-CD version of Brotherhood which includes Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10 which is awesome:

Since '96, Electronic Battle Weapons have acted as the laboratories for the duo's pioneering musical high-jinx, not to mention providing some of The Chemical Brothers' most memorable mixes. Until this album, the Electronic Battle Weapons series has only been available on limited formats, and this is the very first time they have been widely available in single format.
The tracklisting for Brotherhood is below. Titles that appear on both albums (Brotherhood and Singles 93-03, so you can see what I'm talking about) are in bold:

Brotherhood Tracklisting:

1. Galvanize
2. Hey Boy Hey Girl
3.Block Rockin' Beats

4. Do It Again
5. Believe
6. Star Guitar
7. Let Forever Be
8. Leave Home

9. Keep My Composure
10. Saturate
11. Out Of Control
12. Midnight Madness
13. Golden Path
14. Setting Sun
15. Chemical Beats

Still worth buying for the 2 new tracks + I cannot stress the awesomeness that is getting all the EBW's.

Also, check out the video for the Chems' newest track, Midnight Madness below. The goblin totally freaks me out, but the track is boss, especially out on a big system:


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