Sep 1, 2008

Random shite - Volume 1

I have discovered a couple of things recently, mainly relating to music production, mixing, etc. that have been surprising, awesome, and made me go "hmm" all at the same time.

This first happened about a week ago when I was exploring my new favorite website, I was going through the "Productions" section and found that Soulwax had produced some stuff I've been digging for a while now, ie Das Pop's "Fool for Love" and "Disco Sirens" by Midfield General.

THEN...just a few moments ago I read this on Phoenix's myspace blog:

***** ALBUM UPDATE *****

We've chosen the path of most resistance
We're late but happy
It will be worth the wait

Ps: We're about to start mixing with our friend Zdar (United!)

Zdar?! as in Philippe Zdar? aka 1/2 of Cassius?! Yes...that is the Zdar they are talking about.

It's a small world...

Check out Philippe's solo myspace here.

You can download a new-ish Phoenix track, "Twenty One One Zero" after you give a bunch of info to Cartier.

And check out some great footage along with commentary from Stephen and David Dewaele, from Soulwax's recent Myspace Secret Show in London:

Soulwax: MySpace Secret Shows


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