Aug 17, 2007

Drop the Lime at Hiro

So last night I did this:

I skipped Inner Party System b/c I went to their myspace and they sounded like the Killers. Arrived right before Drop the Lime went on. He killed it as usual. There is so much I like about seeing Drop the Lime spin:

1. Lots of bass
2. His sets always bang
3. I don't know most of what he spins
4. Out of what he spins, the stuff I do recognize is usually great and underplayed - case in point, the Switch remix of the Black Ghosts' "Face" and Party Crashers Unite - Put Your Hands Up 4 New York both of which he played last night.
5. He plays a lot of old stuff and a lot of new stuff and a lot of different styles and it somehow all works great.

So was an hour and a half of bliss and getting down last night. I can't say it enough - the next time he's around go see DTL! (ps - if you're in New York, the next time around will be August 31st at the Fixed Party/Institubes Paris Terror Club tour under his other name - Curses! (which bangs in a totally different, excellent way) along w/ Para One (live), Surkin, and DJ Orgasmic at Studio B. What a stacked bill! Should be an awesome night.

Also, speaking of Institubes...Midnight Juggernauts' song "Road to Recovery" is a free download on iTunes this week and it bangs! I had forgotten I downloaded it and when it came up on my "recently added" playlist I definitely took note. Get it while you can. It's a good one.

Some shitty camera pics of the man at work from last night:

After Drop the Lime, Johnny from Guns'n'Bombs dj-ed. I had listened to a mixtape of theirs earlier in the day and was looking forward to seeing Johnny dj, but from the get-go I just wasn't feeling it. He started off with a Kavinsky track which was fine except...this is New York. Kavinsky himself was just here last week. I personally would like to see dj's dig a little deeper. Yes, most of the Ed Banger catalog is really good, and banging and gets people moving...I love it. But...there are other labels...and other songs/artists not on the map as strongly right now that could be played. There are songs that need to be remixed a billion times other than D.A.N.C.E. Don't get me wrong...I'm the first to get down when I hear a good Ed Banger tune dropped in a set...but starting the set out with one just rubbed me the wrong way. He followed it with Princess Superstar's "Licky" another track I really like...but I'm getting tired of hearing the same 10 songs all the time. I stayed for probably a half hour of Johnny's set, then left.

Have a good weekend peeps. Not sure what's going on. Catching Electroma tonight. Buying some Justice tickets at noon.


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