Aug 1, 2007


Rolled up in NYC on Sunday night after a blissfully banging 9-day trip to Montreal (more on that later) with my favorite New Yorker. Thankfully there will be no come-down from my vacation. This week:

It's not the full TTC gang (no Teki, no Para One :( ), but it is Cuizinier and DJ Orgasmic...there's a banging remix of TTC's "Travailler" done by Orgasmic over at the week in dance. If that track's not reason enough to go I don't know what is. Free of course...

Friday is the conflict trifecta:

The Modular Monthly, which I am pushing solely b/c of Domie from A Touch of Class, who had me losing my shit on the dancefloor at PS1 a few weeks ago.

Conveniently located just blocks away from the Modular Party...Drop the Lime at the Annex. One of my favorite new dj's I've gotten into this year. Great new stuff with an old school feel and bang aplenty.

My minimal, robot-loving friend...saw him a few months ago. Still a bit dumbfounded by the whole experience, and this could be a good time to clarify things. He did play the Chems EBW 8 or 9...

Choose wisely kids!


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