May 10, 2007

Stuff coming up soon...

Tonight as an alternative to what will surely be another over-crowded night at Hiro:

That's Jacques Renault, of I.S.S. at the Tribeca Grand (among other things) that is now over :(

I'm probably not going b/c I will be tired of standing forever waiting to see Air. Plus it will be nice to not be hungover all day tomorrow in preparation for being bassed tomorrow night:

Don't sleep because Curses! is sick -(scroll down to) Put Your Hand Up for New York!!...and I am not really familiar with Das Glow, but honestly, when was the last time someone on Institubes disappointed you?

For those of you who already have an appreciation for Curses! alter ego Drop the Lime, Tiger Beat 6 is having a massive sale until midnight (California time) on pretty much everything. So get yourself somethin good!


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