May 25, 2007

finally...the weekend

I haven't been out since last Saturday which I think is a record at this point. Work has been a bit hellish lately and I wasn't super excited about any shows going on this week. I was looking forward to the Juan Maclean at Element tonight, but somewhere mid-week I realized it wasn't on Element's calender or Juan's myspace anymore. Last night the blender was put to good use on one of the first really hot nights of my leaning toward not going to see Ladytron at Hiro was confirmed a few drinks in. Probably won't get out again until Tuesday for the Cut Crew and Van at Mr. Black...which I have already posted about. I am slightly regretting skipping town to go "upstate" tomorrow because I will be missing this:

I'm mainly regretting it because I was thinking of how I missed Switch the last time he came round (I wasn't really familiar with him yet, only to later realize how great his stuff is)...and Jesse Rose is on Switch's label (Dubsided) and there are apparently some similarities.

I'm beat though and need a break...and haven't been to Chester, home of cows and rolling hills, in ages. Plus the BFF housemate is up there with his crazy fam who I miss desperately.

Please pardon the following outburst:

Ugh! Motherfucker! I just watched a clip of Jesse Rose over at the Week in Dance and he dropped part of "This is Sick". Shit.

Oh! Also, for those of you smart enough to stay in this lovely metropolis for the weekend, another great option for Saturday night:

DTL will bass you and that explains it all. Alright...enjoy the long weekend!


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