May 17, 2007

MR. OIZO in June!!!!...and a ton of shit going on this weekend

Just read in a bulletin from Fixed on myspace that Mr. Oizo is playing here June 9th!!! (with In Flagranti...another of those bands I have heard of, who I actually haven't heard)...I'm guessing at Studio B, but it didn't specify. I am quite excited about this because Mr. Oizo is one of the last people from the Ed Banger crew I have gotten to. Just downloaded some good remixes off of Palms Out. Definitely check him out.

And now a short anecdote about me not being able to say Mr. Oizo:

I had been calling Mr. Oizo... Mr. OYYYY-ZO...assuming I was saying it wrong and that it probably sounded more French than that. Then a couple of weeks ago I listened to the Ed Banger crew takeover KCRW, and heard Busy P say it correctly...Mr. wuuhhhzo, so now I know how to say it. BUT! for some reason if I try to say it in my normal voice...I can't...I have a huge brain spasm and it just won't come what I have to do is pretend I am Busy P...I have to pretend to be a 30-something order to say Mr. Wuhhhzo. And now you probably think I'm nuts, and rightfully so...

There is an insane amount of stuff going on in NYC this weekend.


I personally am on the fence about this one. I listened to a bunch of his stuff on myspace last made me think of dudes in tight black t-shirts...and chains...and hair gel. That kind of dance music...well, not that bad, but closer to that end of the dance music spectrum.

Tomorrow there are 47 places I would like to be, and by 47 I mean...

a one:

Math Head...enough said.

a two-whoo:

The dope-ness my illin prevented me from seeing last week.

a threee:

Three. Three is probably what I am doing. P-murder are awesome. And I have been putting off seeing the Glass for way too long, who I like quite a bit, because they are always lurking around the city. Then I will probably head to the LES to see Curses! and if you were feeling crazy you could probably even make it over to 200 Orchard to see Math Head too.

Also, if you haven't gotten enough Trouble & Bass Friday night...Saturday night check this out.


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