Apr 20, 2007

basking in the afterglow

I am still coming down from the whole 2 day - Soulwax experience (which might have something to do with the fact that I keep watching them performing Teachers on youtube). I really haven't had such an extended post-show euphoric feeling with anyone other than the Chemical Brothers so it's kind of a big deal. Speaking of which, the 1st single off of their new album (We Are the Night) is floating around the internets. I know the link to the Oliver Huntmann remix I posted got taken off of his myspace almost immediately after, but I found a radio rip of the original the other day, and yesterday Electric Honey Hornet Mitten posted the goods. At first I wasn't crazy about the vocals...just b/c it was giving me some deja vu of their last album's (which is not my favorite, but still has it's good points) perhaps too plentiful guest vocals...but then once I heard it on the ipod it sounded super crunchy and good. Can't wait for the rest...and for the US tour dates. If they post any more euro dates in their blog I am going to lose it!

Anyway...back to Soulwax:
I bought the Nite Versions album yesterday after work. It is delightful. It made washing a sink full of dishes much less arduous, and I had an even better experience listening to it on my way into work/running morning work errands as every little beep banged through my headphones. I am so excited to have been pointed in the direction of a band that I like so much, that has such a back catalog of stuff to listen to...and also new stuff! Check their remix of the Klaxons' Gravity's Rainbow over at Crackers United.

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