Apr 3, 2007

So much stuff, so little time

I think I am still recovering from Ed Banger night on Thursday...Friday night I made it out to none of the things I wanted do. I fell asleep on the couch watching Ab Fab. It was necessary. Anyway...there is a bunch of stuff I have been meaning to blog about but haven't gotten around to, so here it is!:

I just found out that Trevor Jackson (along w/ Oskar Melzer? - don't know who that is and another surprise guest) is dj-ing at APT on the 13th. I can't convey how excited I am about this. After years of listening to various bands' singles and always having the Playgroup remix be the favorite, finally I will get to see what he can do in person...or will I? There is so much stuff going on here that Friday. When it rains it pours. Other options for that evening...Surkin at Studio B, very excited about that, and I just read that DJ Kaos (Hello Stranger!) and Escort will be dj-ing the People Don't Dance No More party at Element. If only I could be in 3 places at once. We'll see what happens. Make that 4...the Glass are at the Annex that night too...and it's Friday the 13th!

This is way far ahead...but Underworld is playing Central Park in September. I am looking forward to this, but I'm really not that familiar with their stuff. When I first got into electronic music I briefly got into them, Born Slippy and stuff like that, but then they kind of got lost in the shuffle. Anyway...the show is September 14th...and I don't think it's one of the free Summerstage shows.

I think that's everything I wanted to get to, but there was so much I'm sure I've forgotten something. Probably will end up posting again later. TTFN!


david. 5:05 PM  

underworld was way ahead of their time. dubnobasswithmyheadman is essential listening. their live shows are nothing short of incredible.

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