Apr 28, 2007


I saw Dungen at CMJ 2 years ago...they went on after Cheeseburger, and Tarantula A.D. (now known as Priestbird) who were the reason I went to the show. It was at Bowery and the AC was bumping...so despite enjoying their first song and psychedelic vibe that was going on...I had to get out after freezing for 3 hours. I kind of forgot about them after that, but I've been reading about them a lot lateley:

Quit You Day Job
Interview with Gustav Ejstes

Their new album, Tio Bitar, is out May 15th on Kemado...it's pretty cool rock leaning toward the psychedelic with its share of rocking and mellow moments. You can download the song Familj here, as well as stream the rest of the album.


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