Apr 11, 2008

Ruff Club 2 year anniversary

Tonight is the 2 year anniversary of Ruff Club at the Annex. Should be excellent. A Touch of Class are deejaying (along with a bunch of other peeps, check out the flyer). I can't wait. They had me losing it at PS1 back in July. If you check out that review you will see that they play everything. There also should be some ATOC MP3 goodness in my 'Week in Dance' post over at Brooklynvegan at some point today, so have a listen.

I don't really remember what was played the first time I ever saw ATOC (which was also at PS1, the summer prior to the one I posted about above), but I do remember having a great time. Check it out:

ATOC live at PS1 08/05/2006 (part 1)
ATOC live at PS1 08/05/2006 (part 2)


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