Apr 11, 2008

Fool's Gold Tour 2 w/ Sammy Bananas, Kid Cudi, Sinden, A-trak, and Steve Aoki at Hiro 4/10/08

Arrived at Hiro at about 11:30 with Mike. We had missed Sammy Bananas and Kid Cudi was in the middle of performing. I wasn't really into it, just like last time. I did enjoy when he ended with Day'N'Nite because it went into the Crookers remix.

Sinden was on next and he was by far my favorite part of the evening. His set was a pleasant change from all the Frannnssschhh stuff I have been listening to lately. It was just UK, grimey, fidgety bliss. He played This is Sick (which was DOPE), Beeper, and Organ Grinder. He also played some stuff I didn't know, and stuff I knew (but not by name).

EVERYBODY was dropping Bloody Beetroots tracks tonight. Unfortunately I don't know any of their tracks by name, but I can tell when I am hearing one. It drives me nuts. I need to learn the names.

After Sinden, A-trak went on. His set is a bit very fuzzy. I remember being into it and the one specific thing I can remember is him dropping the Fred Falke remix of 'Golden Cage' by the Whitest Boy Alive (who incidentally are awesome - kinda mellow rock/pop - they might remind you of a hopped up version of Kings of Convenience because Erlend Oye does the vocals). It was perfect.

Right around when I was starting to get tired of A-trak's set he was done and Steve Aoki went on. Overall I wasn't impressed by his set this time. I feel like it was all the same stuff I've been hearing lately. There was a song here and there that I was into, but overall the set was just kinda ehh. I left early...

Overall it was a fun night. The crowd was a bit odd...seemed a little younger than usual. Whatev, they were relentlessly getting down and the floor was still pretty packed when I left.


Dave 10:14 AM  

Cobrasnake in attendance = stupid young crowd

showtrotta 10:26 AM  

They thankfully weren't too annoying, it was just kinda weird...

Mitchell 3:13 PM  

Steve Aoki's set usually range form EH to SUCK.

He's a shit DJ. He's got amazing talent on that DIM MAK label, but he's a horrible DJ. And he compares himself to Busy P...

showtrotta 3:15 PM  

I saw him at Studio B once before and he was very good. I dunno...maybe I need to see him again, third time's a charm?

Mitchell 5:06 PM  

There's just been enough times of him being a horrendous DJ that I just discount any show that has him headline. The guy doesn't try at all, messes up crossfading his songs and sometimes just doesn't pick good enough tunes. Most of the stuff he plays are hits from 2006. It's a shame.

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