Apr 25, 2008

Felix Cartal, L.A. Riots, and the Bloody Beetroots at Love 4/24/08

I hit Love with Busy Paul around 11. There was a decent sized crowd for that hour, but unfortunately the place never really got that full. Felix Cartal was on when we went in. He played a solid set. Nothing mind-blowing, but definitely changed things up a bit from all the usual electro heard all too often lately. Also, the way he was manipulating the beats reminded me a bit of Passions at times. Not sure exactly what it was though.

I didn't really note the time L.A. Riots went on. For some reason only Daniel was there deejaying. I really wasn't too into his set either. He played some good tracks and all that, but something was just missing, especially when compared to many of their simply banging mixes floating around the net. At one point he dropped an old school track (can't remember which), which got Paul and I going on a tangent about how everything is coming back. I said in the next 10 minutes we're going to hear a disco siren. Sure enough we did:)

Also at some point in the middle of Daniel's set I recognized Lee from No Love Lost Records and got to chat with him a bit about his label. Keep your ears open. There should be some good stuff coming out of there over the next few months. Also, check out the NLLR Mixtape Project in the meantime for some fresh music. You can get to all the mixes from the Myspace page, but if you're on Facebook, I recommend joining the NLLR Mixtape Project group. You'll get a nice little email whenever Lee uploads a new mix (which is quite often, there are already 45!).

After taking a quick break from the increasingly steamy main room, Paul and I scurried back just in time for the Bloody Beetroots to drop a 2 hour mix of recent electro tracks all of which they delivered with their excellent Bloody Beetroots touch (and the help of a Kaoss pad). They played more of their own tracks and remixes than I am capable of remembering or naming right now. Towards the end of the evening they dropped Crookers' remix of Salmon Dance (WOW!) by the Chemical Brothers, a track I am incapable of getting sick of, and Flex by Dizzee Rascal whose music I have been very into lately, and Spinal Scratch by Thomas Bangalter, which is awesome. The Beetroots spun their little Italian hearts out and had me dancing until the end of their set at nearly 4 am, leaving me with aching feet and about 3.5 hours of sleep ahead of me before I had to wake up for work this morning.

One lone cellphone pic to remember the evening (Daniel of L.A. Riots, Bob Rifo, and Tommy Tea):


Paul 1:40 PM  


showtrotta 1:41 PM  

Seriously the fun :)

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