Jan 3, 2007

Heaven in '07

Hello! Hope you had an awesome New Year! I spent NYE having a grand ol' time with an apartment full of friends, and then proceeded to dance my ass off at the Radio 4 show at the Mercury Lounge.

I'm hoping that night is an indication of what 2007 is going to be like. So far it looks promising. There are so many shows I want to go to in just this month alone- not just bands I am thinking of checking out, but a lot of my favorites. Here are some shows I just found out about that I am really excited over:

Radio 4 and the Big Sleep - 1/31 at Northsix. It's the final Northsix show EVER btw. I am pretty unphased by that factor because I have never been there before, but I'm very excited for the show. I see a lot of different bands, and Radio 4 is one that is always consistently awesome. I end up dancing like crazy and having a great time whenever I see them. It really is a shame that people can't get the "they're biting off the Clash and Gang of Four" stick out of their ass long enough to actually go to one of their shows and hear how great they are. Also...I was listening to the Libertines the other day and if anyone should be given shit for trying to sound like the Clash it's them.

The folks over at GBH have some great DJ's scheduled for January and the months to come:

1/18 - The Juan Maclean at Hiro
1/25 - Club NME (haven't announed who's going to be there yet, but according to NME, "...expect the latest cool bands from Britain and the world, special guest DJs, cool visuals and clubbers as sexy and up-for-it as you are"...riiight. Seriously though...I am just crossing my fingers and hoping that will include Simian Mobile Disco. They mixed the cd that came with NME's October 7th issue and it is one of the best mixes I've heard in a long time...I'm on the verge of overplaying it at this point. I also had the pleasure of witnessing SMD open for the Chemical Brothers at CMJ in 2002, and also saw them dj a few nights later at APT. They really know how to get you moving. I really hope they'll be at Hiro.
3/15 - Boys Noize and Para One aka a rehash of two of the best parts of my trip to Montreal in September.
3/29 - Ed Banger night w/ Justice, DJ Medhi, Sebastain and Busy P. Woohoo Justice!!!

Also...on March 6th Air's new album "Pocket Symphony" comes out. Once Upon a Time, the new single is on their myspace. They're supposed to be touring Europe in mid-March, followed by the US from mid-April to mid-May. I just started listening to Air this summer so I'm still getting used to their stuff. I can't really imagine what they are like live.

Feb. 6th Sondre Lerche's "Phantom Punch" comes out in the US. It should be interesting to hear a more "rocking" Sondre record.


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