Jan 14, 2007

this and that

After suddenly having no plans for tonight when I don't have to be into work until 11 tomorrrow, I have been hitting up myspace for something interesting to do. I have come across a number of interesting things to blog about, but nothing to do yet...

Firstly, A Touch of Class is coming out with a new comp - A Touch of Class Still Sucks (the title's supposed to be making fun of the whole "Disco Sucks" era) and touring all over Europe in support of it. Kind of sucks for us here in NYC, but they are usually kicking about here pretty regularly anyway. The comp comes out Feb. 27th here, and January 29th in Europe.

Other things of note: I have some updated info for all the GBH parties at Hiro I posted about recently. The Juan Maclean dj set this Thursday night has been coupled with a live performance by Professor Murder. I am really excited about this b/c I missed Professor Murder (on purpose...stupid move!!!) when they opened for Radio 4 at some point this summer. I've since heard and liked their song "Champion" and am really eager to see them live.

The other GBH related happening is that the Presets will be performing live on the Ed Banger night on March 29th. I haven't been too crazy about any of the Presets stuff I've heard. I don't dislike it, but I haven't really been blown away or gotten what all the fuss is about...so we shall see.

I have also just become even more excited about the Montreal sequel (aka the Boys Noize, Para One, Drop the Lime night at Hiro on March 15) because I just stumbled upon Drop the Lime's (whose stuff I've never heard before) myspace...and a song of his was playing in the background as I went through the 47 tabs I had open...when about two minutes in I realize I am totally rocking out to and loving a remix of "Died in Your Arms" by Cutting Crew...I am very impressed by that. Check it out! Also, he's dj-ing a few nights in the BK soon:
Feb. 3rd - Trouble & Bass #6 w/ guest Starkey at 168 Marcy Ave.
Feb 21st - We Are Your Friends at Fontanas
Feb. 22nd - Live set at Modular Monthly, 70 North 6th St., $5.

Some other good shit: new stuff from the Glass. I've only listened to "Mad at You" so far, but it seemed pretty bangin'. Hopefully the rest of their stuff up there follows suit.

More Inouk dates:

Feb 22nd at Galapagos
Feb 28th at the Annex

Grand Mal Feb. 2nd at Pete's Candy Store.

TK Webb:

January 20th at Tonic
January 31st at Club Europa
Feb 1st at Cake Shop

And finally...when I moved to Queens in June, I decided it was the opportune time to go nuts and organize my cd's autobiographically (like in High Fidelity)...well, during the mass importing of songs to my ipod (finally got one after years of resisting) the order has gone awry...and I don't know where my Chemical Brothers "Live in Sweden" album should go. I am blaming Anthony (my roommate). He was trying to expand his musical horizons earlier today by looking for my Cardigans' "First Band on the Moon"...which is suspiciously near the area where the Chems album should be... maybe.... ahh!! I can't remember!


david. 5:52 PM  

the presets are the serious bizness live...i had DTL play at my party back in November, it was nuts! get ready!

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