Jan 21, 2007

Club NME

So...the club NME night at Hiro this coming Thursday (1/25) will not be featuring SMD as I had hoped...but alas, the Glass will be there...along with Johanna Fateman of Le Tigre dj-ing, and Pagoda (Live).

Anyway...made it to both the Hollis Browne show at Arlene's Grocery, and Professor Murder at Hiro. Hollis Browne was really great (again). Such a nice change from what has become the typical "indie-rock" fare...they have a nice, classic rock, with a hint of blues sound. Some chick from TVT records was supposed to be there. Would love it if they got a deal. I think I caught their entire set, if not I only missed one song. They played "Without Your Love", which you can hear at their myspace, some other stuff I've heard before (I haven't gotten my hands on a physical copy of any of their songs yet, or even a download, so I'm still rusty on id-ing them), along with some brand new stuff.

Also...was able to make it to P-murder at Hiro after Hollis Browne's set. I really enjoyed them, despite initially being deterred by many a drunken, singing-along hipster. They are just one of those upbeat, feel good, dance yourself happy bands. Also, today I could not stop listening to all of their stuff on my ipod, so there you go.

Fortunately/unfortunately, I missed the Juan Maclean's dj set to chat over burgers with what seems to be a nice fellow so far. Time will tell if it was worth it.

Anyway...this week, so far:

Tim Fite at Knitting Factory Wednesday
The Glass at Hiro Thursday


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