Jan 23, 2007


Only I didn't say fudge.

So...I have somehow gotten sick. Fever, stuffy nose, the works. It's probably not wise to go to the Tim Fite show tomorrow...and a late night out at Hiro Thursday is out of the question. Grr.

Fortunately the Glass have a few other New York shows coming up soon:

Feb. 1st at Heroine Chic party at Galapagos. Flyer here.
Feb. 9th Ruff Club at the Annex

Other things of note:

Fujiya & Miyagi are coming to New York! They're playing the Mercury Lounge on March 18th. I have to say, initially I was not too crazy about them. The first song that I heard was "Ankle Injuries". I liked the music, and the lyrics...but really disliked how it started up with them saying "Fujiya & Miyagi" repeatedly. But then I kept reading about them, and thought maybe I was a bit harsh. I checked out some more of their songs...and no chanting! Just nice rock with hints of electro...really well balanced. So now I am really looking forward to that date and I absolutely must pick up their record.

New Inouk shows:

Feb. 8th at the Annex. Flyer here
Feb. 22nd at Galapagos
Feb 28th at the Annex

Super exciting news:

Simian Mobile Disco are dj-ing the Fixed Party on March 10th at Studio B.


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