Aug 6, 2008

Underworld - interview, Art Jam, and All Points West

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to interview Karl Hyde of the legendary electronic music group, Underworld, for They're here in the US to play the All Points West Festival in Jersey City on Friday and the Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore on Saturday. They are also here to work on their art installation, Beautiful Burnout, which has been in New York at the Jacobson Howard Gallery since last Friday and will be continually modified through the final day of the installation on the 15th. You can check out the work in progress here, but I can't wait to see it in person.

Check out the interview! Karl had some very interesting things to say about electronic music as well as the events I mentioned above. Also, for someone who has played such an influential role in electronic music I cannot stress how humble and easy to talk to he was - a wonderful guy.

If you are around New York or Baltimore this weekend and have the funds, definitely try to see Underworld at All Points West or the Virgin Mobile Festival. I saw them for the first time last year in Central Park, and despite not being familiar with all that much of their material (just some of their classics and tracks off of their most recent album, Oblivion with Bells) I had an amazing time. It was the #2 show out of all the ones I went to last year, and they were second only to the Chemical Brothers who are my absolute favorite artist ever. It probably was one of the top 10 shows of my life thus far - yes, it was that good. You can read my review of the show here.


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