Aug 27, 2008

New Royksopp album due out October 2008!

For as far back as I can remember I've had really wild, intricate dreams...nearly every night. Sometimes they involve bands and deejays. Recently I had one in which I was going to see Royksopp at Irving Plaza (which I have actually done twice in reality), got separated from my friends, nearly got in a fight with some crazy girl that was dancing with her hand in my face, and then walked past her to find my friend Jason whom I had no idea was going to be at the show or that he even liked Royksopp.

Anyway...that got me thinking. What the hell have those Norwegians been up to? Seeing Soulwax made me remember how much I love live electronic music and Royksopp was one of the first live electronic acts I ever saw. The first time I saw them (which was at Irving Plaza) the only other electronic act I had seen live was the Chemical Brothers. Despite having only the Chems' monstruous live show to compare it to, Royksopp still totally blew me away.

Their last release was a contribution to the Back to Mine compilation series which came out in April of last year, and their last studio release was The Understanding waaay back in July of 2005 with a great live EP, Royksopp's Night Out released in between in June of '06. So I did some sleuthing on the internets and found an article posted YESTERDAY from the Music Information Centre Norway:

Röyksopp set to return in October!

Some more info on what it might sound like:

From an interview on BBC's Radio 1 last April: "I think, it's safe to say this a bit more uptempo, there aren't that much vocals compared to other two albums. We are back to more instrumental bits. It's more progressive; not progressive like in "progressive house", but more progressive as in "progressive rock"."

Both Robyn and Lykki Li have been confirmed as contributing vocalists.

And according to a news article written in Norwegian (that I thankfully found translated along with much of this other info on the Royksopp Forums):

"We have spent a lot of time in the kitchen, where we have made music in a well-known Röyksopp-outfit."

"It (the music) will be some summer-fresh, accesible salads, but also some heavier, not too accesible elephant beefs."

"We think that robin is very good, especially her newest album is great!"

A couple of tracks called "I Wanna Know" and "Korene" leaked at some point. I managed to find footage of Royksopp performing both of them live for the first time last October:


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