Aug 17, 2008

Clarification from Fake Blood

Fake Blood is pretty awesome. His remixes are great. Some further evidence of his awesomeness:

Ok... I need to clear something up.

People seem to think that when I do a remix, I ask the artist to record the words "Fake Blood" so I can use that in the track.

That's NOT how I do it.

In every remix I have done, the words "Fake Blood" are created by me chopping up the ORIGINAL acapella, and assembling the words with individual vowel and consonant sounds...
No new vocals are used, only the same one heard in the original song.

And yes, even the Little Boots one was done like that.


ps - anyone figure out who he is yet? I know, but I'm not telling :P


Jay 3:09 PM  

ive had an inkling that he was the other half of the black ghosts, the one who isn't boy-8-bit. am i right? am i right? what do i win?? XP

showtrotta 3:16 PM  

Not telling :P

Boy 8-bit isn't part of Black Ghosts - it's Simon Lord from Simian and Theo Keating (DJ Touche) from the Wiseguys.

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