Jan 14, 2009

Trus'me to begin New York Residency at APT this Friday 1/16!!!

I first went to see Trus'me deejay on a whim after liking some of what I heard while researching for "the Week In Dance". By the end of the night he had packed the Yard's humble little dancefloor full of sweaty bodies, fittingly getting down to some perfect summertime house & disco grooves. It was one of my best nights out in New York last year (it made the top 20 which I hope to post sometime next week) which is pretty impressive considering I had very limited familiarity with his music prior to going to the party.

I impatiently waited for him to come back here all the way from Manchester which he thankfully did in October, and now he's back again this Friday for the first party of his new monthly residency at APT. Linkwood and Kon & Amir will be deejaying as well - definitely check it out if you're around!

All the info you need is on the flyer below. Also, if you're on Facebook be sure to add Trus'me NYC to your friends to stay in the loop about the future parties.


Anonymous,  1:34 PM  

Greetings from Madrid!

We are Guédé Productions, a young, small and charismatic group of people dedicated to the
business of music.

My name is Poni Vera and I am doing some market research about the NY night scene. I am
the manager of a group of French DJ's, who dedicate their artistic career on creating
Electro-Pop-House-Dance music, we all share the same love for Electro music as you do,
and we have some really interesting musical proposals to offer.

I was wondering if you could point the right direction to me... I want to send some
portfolios...Get some dates in the NY, but I do not have any contacts in the city nor an
idea of where to begin. So if you could name the clubs...Is there a web page I should
visit? Any help would be great.

Thank you very much for your time!

Yours truly,

Poni Vera
Guédé Productions, S.L.
Tel.: +34 672 01 66 37

showtrotta 1:52 PM  

Hi Poni,

Sounds good. Email me your info (the address is on the site toward the upper right) and I'll try to send you some info.

superior 5:55 AM  
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