Oct 22, 2008

Puma Presents: My Favorite Things with Trus'me at Le Souk 10/21/08

In the midst of the beginning of CMJ madness here in New York I managed to sneak off to a non-CMJ event - Puma Presents: My Favorite Things with Trus'me (& a bunch of other deejays I wasn't familiar with - the only one I saw last night was Gino Grasso who spun some good disco!). It was originally going to be at APT, but had to be switched to Le Souk at the last minute for some reason. I was initially excited about the change of venue because the past few times I've been to APT it's been absolutely dead, but then I remembered being at Le Souk once a few summers ago and it being pretty hellish. Luckily last night was an exception. I walked in right around 1 and the place was packed with people (a few of whom were questionable) dancing...on a Tuesday night...in New York...the way things should be. Anyway...Trus'me's set was very good...lots of good discoey/housey stuff, classics, edits, etc. Serious fun to get down to.

I first saw Trus'me deejay at the Yard back in July. There's a review of it here along with a link to download part of his set from that party.

And...I have finally gotten a digital camera. No more shitty cellphone pics! Here are a few from last night:

From Puma Presents: My Favorite Things with Trus'me at Le Souk 10/21/08


Jay 7:16 PM  

you got a cameraaaaaaa!!
did u get the same one i suggested?

showtrotta 3:58 AM  

No, I probably would've but they didn't have it at Best Buy and I wanted to get it in time for this week. But I did get a Canon. It's the SD1100.

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