Jan 23, 2009

Valerie Collective at Webster Hall Tonight!

Some great new (mostly) Frenchies are coming to Webster Hall:

The Valerie Collective is not just a music blog - it is a group of like-minded DJs and musicians from West France that fuse authentic 80s synths with modern indie/electronica. They sound like Daft Punk doing an '80s movie soundtrack... their tracks are startling in their consistency, mood and feel; they offer a sense of a time that never existed, but we all somehow understand… a future that once seemed possible. Their retro/futuristic artwork (by The Zonders) sums it up nicely.There are several artists under the collective's umbrella, (including College, Anoraak, Russ Chimes and Lovelock – all of whom will be performing).

RSVP here for $10 reduced admission.

You can download some tracks by Anoraak and Russ Chimes over at my dance post on Brooklynvegan, plus a new one - "Sentinel of Love" from 33Hz (who will also be performing live at Webster on Friday).

There's more info on Steve Moore of Lovelock, plus more College and Anoraak tour dates in a post by Black Bubblegum there too.

And...a good way to play catch up on your Valerie game (other than just checking out their blog) is to check out some informed suggestions from Dreamtard.


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