Jan 13, 2009

Mr. Oizo on Cover of XLR8R's January/February Issue 124

I was just reading the obscene number of blogs I read during lunch and came across a great feature on Mr. Oizo over at XLR8R (who graces their cover this month). I didn't do a Top 10 Albums list this year (top 20 shows and various ridiculous superlatives are on their way, hopefully next week) because I know there a lot of albums that would be in the running that I never got to listen to in full. One that I did get to listen to that definitely would be in the top 10 (dare I say, perhaps #1) was Mr. Oizo's Lambs Anger.

The article on him, Mr. Oizo: Master of Puppets, over at XLR8R does a great job of exploring his creation of Lambs Anger as well as some of his past, less accessible work (both music and film).

Not only is the article very well done, but the photos that accompany it are very fitting (good job XLR8R!). Can you capture the French/Quentin any more accurately than this photo?!

Go check it out already!


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