Oct 30, 2008

Mid-week Vids #8

Sorry this is a day late! I started this post yesterday, but never got to finish it until now. Anyway...

Was anyone else very unhappy when Simian (the band, before James and Jas decided to properly mobilize their disco) broke-up? I was!

Luckily we got SMD, the Black Ghosts, and Lord Skywave, as well as Alex Macnaughton's band,
(who I am long overdue to give a listen to), out of the deal, which pretty much makes up for it.

I'm sure many of you are aware that Simon Lord (former lead vocalist of SMD, and current member of the Black Ghosts and Lord Skywave) did guest vocals on the excellent SMD track, "I Believe". This is probably as close as we'll ever get to the original Simian :( Here's a video of James Ford, Jas Shaw, and Simon Lord (3/4 of Simian!) performing it together, enjoy!:


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