Oct 2, 2008

Mid-week Vids #4 and New Mr. Oizo Album (Lambs Anger) Info

D'oh! I knew this would happen eventually! Sorry this is a day late. I actually thought about posting a video yesterday, multiple times, and just never did it.

Today's mid-week vid is an oldie but goodie - Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat". The main reason I'm posting it, aside from it being great, is I've been reading a book called French Connections: From Discotheque to Discovery which has been very interesting so far and has clarified a lot about French dance music that happened before I was listening to any electronic music at all. Yesterday (when I originally intended to post this) out of nowhere I got to a part in the book where the author recounts the events leading up to Mr. Oizo's signing to F Communications which include his father selling Laurent Garnier a car! Crazy stuff...

Some other things of note: Mr. Oizo has a new album coming out on Ed Banger Records on November 17th. It's called Lambs Anger and the cover features a particularly less-animated version of Flat Eric.

Two new tracks from the album ("Z" and "Positif") are streaming on his myspace. I absolutely love both of them. "Z" is great, especially the breakdown around 2:30. "Positif" is awesome too - I seem to have developed a thing for computer generated voices. (if you have too, I highly recommend checking out Fardoche whose stuff is in a similarly weird vein as Mr. Oizo's and features tons of cgv's). Tracklisting (with some crazy titles) for Lambs Anger below:

Lambs Anger - Mr. Oizo


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