Jul 3, 2007

Busy P

I was just scouring myspace for dj's and bands that will be in Montreal when I'm up there...and what do I find...stuff going on here in New York. Thankfully I'll be back before it happens:

September 2nd - Busy P and Neil Aline at APT

I anticipate APT will be packed enough that everyone will actually dance and ignore the fact that it's not really a club, and there's really not a dance floor. Yea-yuhh. And now some Ed Banger-related links I have been meaning to get up here:

Busy P's blog over at Arkitip. Don't worry, he won't be choosing between his mum and his dad, still posting over at Honeyee.

An article on Justice in Dummy Magazine

And while I'm on about the Frenchies...have a good 4th of July...best celebrated by having an awesome 3rd - Trevor Loveys, Walter Meego, DJ Ayres at Hiro!! I can't wait!


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