Feb 14, 2007

Tim Fite and Priestbird info

Tim Fite's new album, "Over the Counter Culture" comes out next Tuesday (the 20th). It will be available on his website as a free download, which is pretty awesome. If you can't wait, there are a couple of the new tracks up on his myspace that you can download.

The band formerly known as Tarantula, and then Tarantula A.D. after some legal issues over their name, are now known as Priestbird. Apparently "...there was a viscous break-up that none will speak of again", but the 3 original members are now Priestbird. For those of you not familiar with them...they are kind of metal-ish and as my brother would say "rock your face off", but they have an interesting little classical edge to their music. Lots of strings going on. It's good for your ears. They are playing some New York shows soon if you want to check them out:

Feb 22 - Cakeshop

March 1 - Union Pool

March 5 - Cakeshop


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