Feb 20, 2007

New stuff from Tim Fite, Damon McMahon...random Avalanches fun

Today Tim Fite's new album came out, available for free download on his website. It's called Over the Counter Culture, and it's rather politically charged. It's also more of a straight up hip hop album than his previous stuff. The Chicago Tribune posted a nice review/summary of it.

I've probably just listened to the album once through, a couple tracks maybe 2 times today, but so far I've really enjoyed it both for what it's saying, and the beats. There are still a few quirky little samples which are awesome (Eric from the Jackie Gleason and Richard Pryor film, "The Toy"), reminds me of the Avalanches' "Since I Left You" a little bit at times. So...definitely worth checking out, and it's free for crying out loud! What have you got to lose?!

Tim also has a show coming up at Union Hall on the 28th so you can get the full Tim experience! Maybe now that the weather seems to have lightened up from it's previous arctic blast setting I will not wuss out and actually go to the show.

Touching back on the Avalanches...I pulled my usual Tuesday night move which consists of possibly going to bed at a normal time, which is destroyed somehow by Youtube. Last night I found the video for the Avalanches "Frontier Psychiatrist" which, even if you don't like the Avalanches (what's wrong with you!?!?! j/k) you will love:

The other cool thing I discovered during my evening run on the internets was:

Damon McMahon has a new track up on his myspace (link under the bands list on the right) called "By the Bridal" which I really haven't gotten a proper chance to listen to, so I have no comment as of yet. He's also playing at Hanger Bar on the 27th!

Also, I know this will be a relief to everyone who reads this, yes all two of you. Yesterday I came to terms with the fact that I probably will not drag myself down to the Mercury Lounge anytime soon, so I bought tickets to pretty much every show I really want to see through April on ticketweb. The fact that the first Fujiya & Miyagi show at Mercury sold out really lit the fire under my ass to do it too. So now I am so relieved from my paranoia that all of the shows will sell out and I will be mad at myself for days and days!!

Also, I celebrated President's Day by riding on a really fucked up E-train into Manhattan for an hour...but it was made better by hours of crate digging, during which I struck gold!:

It's the Chemical Brother's Electronic Battle Weapon 8/9!!! I have been scouring ebay for it, and have found them...in the UK, which between shipping and the shitty exchange rate, makes them quite pricey :( I had cut myself off at spending $25 for one...which is really more than I wanted to spend...and then I found it at Kim's for $12! Yea-yuhh!!! And I always thought people sounded a bit crazy when they went on about things sounding better on vinyl...but that shit was banging...new levels of banging!


Joseph 9:47 PM  

Hello Dear, As an official Tim Fite stalker I have to inform you that he has a previous release under the group name of "Little T and One Track Mike" which is very hip-hopperish. The album is called "Fome is Dape" or something like that. I almost ordered it at one point.

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