Feb 25, 2007

Hollis Browne, dates, David Byrne talk

First of all...I apologize in advance if this entry sucks...I have been fighting off the 2nd worst hangover of my life all day long.

Last night I rushed my ass off (thanks lack of 7-train!) and made it to Midway just in time to meet my friend Kristin and see Hollis Browne. They played an excellent set. Too short though... it was just about an hour. The schedule was tight b/c there was something ridiculous like 8 bands playing that night. Anyway...the show was excellent. I've been to see the band...I think 3 times before, and I swear, every time I see them they sound better. They have been one of the most consistently performing bands I've seen. I'm not 100% sure of the order or exactly what they played, but I know they definitely played Without Your Love and Completed Fool. They also played a new song (off of their soon to be released EP) called Thank You Momma, which is just a great bluesy stomper. I honestly cannot say enough about this band. If you missed their show last night, you should definitely check them out at Midway on the 14th.

A couple of other new dates to note:

Surkin is dj-ing somewhere tba in NYC on April 13th.

Brooklyner My Cousin Roy...who I have just recently started listening to...has a kind of electro-disco sound, is dj-ing at APT on the 9th, and also on the 16th at the People Don't Dance No More (Édition Discodrome) party at Element.

Friday night I went to that David Byrne/Elizabeth Diller "Resonating Frequencies" lecture at the AIA...it was interesting. The gist of it was, does the venue define the music? or does the music define the venue? David argued the former. Elizabeth's side, though interesting didn't really argue the point...it was basically a presentation of her firm's job of re-designing Alice Tully Hall specifically for chamber music...which was really interesting...especially if you are into architecture, but after a while I was getting the "look at our firm, we had to do all this research and look how fabulous it is going to be". The guy moderating started to get to me after a while...he interrupted a bit, and made corny jokes which I could have done without. David's argument had some good points...I learned a lot about different venues and their designs and what type of music is performed in them. My favorite thing I learned was that the Bowery Ballroom used to be a shoe store. I had a few questions about his argument...and I really wanted to ask this question about his performance at Union Chapel, but I wussed out...largely because...well, I am quiet in certain instances (this obviously one of them), and there was a disgruntled guy sitting next to me sighing heavily after every question (some of which were deserved) and calling the people asking them assholes. So yeah...I opted out. The discussion ran a bit too long, and by the time it was over I couldn't wait to get out of there...but overall it was interesting.


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