Apr 14, 2009

Favorite Tweets 4/14/09

Over the weekend I somehow got really into keeping up with all the people, blogs, etc. I am following on Twitter. Today there seemed to be a lot of good stuff so I figured I'd post about it. It would be nice to do this regularly, but I doubt it will happen. Ya never know though. Anyway...cool stuff on Twitter 4/14/09 (probably a few from last night too):

Michel Gondry draws your portrait for 20 bucks! (via asiandanblog)

Obamadog! (via thecultureofme)

Notable "New Yorkers" talk to New York Magazine about their first days in the city (via MarcSchil)

Daft Punk flash 2d platform game (via nedwin)

Soulwax radio show launching in June (URBMAG)

IF IT NOT FOR SITS (via ICHCheezburger)

Robots! (via ryanmuir)

Btw...in case you missed the post, I'm on Twitter.


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