Dec 14, 2008

Santos Party House/100 Lafayette has moved!!

The wonderful new venue that opened downtown this year has shifted from 100 Lafayette Street to 96. According to the Santos Party House blog:

"...we have been able to recreate the exact same club, only 8 feet further down the block, simply by shifting the walls and parts of the ceiling to accommodate the new location.

Our patrons will notice a slight shift in the sidewalk, as well as a wider stairway leading down to the lower level. As a result of this move, we now have a larger amount of space on the left side corridor of the club. We were also able to shift the entire front entrance and windows of our building, leaving the upper portion intact."


Jamie,  10:58 AM  

I was at Santos last night and a several people were talking about the new location. It's hard to tell where they moved, but a few of the security guards were showing us how the slid the doors over, and you could see some of the old left over pieces from the 100 Lafayette entrance.

The great thing is that the new 96 Lafayette location has a bigger door, so that's cool. This club is the best. Santos or die!

Anonymous,  6:45 PM  

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