Jun 13, 2008

Chemical Brothers Electronic Battle Weapon 10 and Best Of on their way

via Mixmag:

Good news for Chemical Brothers fans: Tom and Ed are back with a new Battle Weapon called 'Midnight Madness' this summer - and Mixmag was one of the first to hear it.

With some typically scorched synth work and a chorus that's reminiscent of Kraftwerk's 'Man Machine', only a handful of DJs have been given the club track to date, which is due for release early in August on vinyl.

There's good news for collectors too. There's an updated Chems Best Of incoming called 'Brotherhood' with a limited bonus CD containing all the Battle Weapons to date plus 'Keep My Composure', the duo's unreleased electro Spank Rock collaboration.

Tom and Ed w/ their electronic battle weapons at Hammerstein 9/21/08 - photo from here.

If you've listened to the Chems at all you know these tracks never disappoint, and if you haven't you really should get crackin'.

Even Erol (Alkan) loves it, "EBW 10 has been the opening track in my recent sets. Its rather special, kinda almost balearic techno."

Can't wait to hear it!


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