Jun 6, 2008

Black Ghosts US Tour Dates

Oh ieeee want nothing

but the love of the next stranger that walks through that Dooooo oooor oorrrr
ooor ooorroo ooorrr ooorr oorrr

Black Ghosts US tour dates - DO NOT SLEEP:

July 19th - Brooklyn, NY - Studio B (Fixed, with Dave P and JDH)

July 23rd - Toronto, ON - Wrong Bar

July 24th - Chicago, IL - Smart Bar

July 25th - San Francisco, CA - Mighty (w/ Holy Ghost! DJ set)

July 26th - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo (w/ Does It Offend You, Yeah?)


Jay 6:11 PM  

sweeeeeeet!! ^_^
JULY 19th!! I am so there!!

showtrotta 10:57 AM  

It's gonna be great! Can't wait to see them again!

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