May 11, 2008

The Black Ghosts at Glasslands Gallery 5/10/08

The Black Ghosts were awesome. I could not stop dancing. It reminded me of when I first started going out to see deejays - every night was amazing and I would come home drenched in sweat, see the sun rise, and wake up with my feet aching. I would be in a euphoric state for weeks and could not wait to do it again.

They started out with "Something New". Then they dropped some good dance beats, would do that for a while, then Simon would sing another one of their songs, basically alternating like that from 12:30 until 2:00.

Some songs that I was able to recognize were...a Bloody Beetroots track (but not 100% sure), Mars Needs Women by Meat Beat Manifesto (which I recognized b/c of it being on the Chemical Brothers' 'Brother's Gonna Work It Out' album, which I highly recommend), and "From: Disco to Disco" by Whirlpool Productions.

The other original tracks that they performed were:

I Want Nothing
Any Way You Choose to Give It
Some Way Through This
and one other that I hadn't heard before.

Here are some cellphone pics. Not great, it was really dark in there...and it's a cellphone:

The Black Ghosts at Glasslands Gallery


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