Jun 23, 2010

Spacer One: This Thursday at the Tribeca Grand

This Thursday (6/24) there's a launch party at the Tribeca Grand Hotel for a new art exhibition (Spacer: One) featuring nine great French artists (Geneviève Gauckler, H5, Bessy & Combe, Stéphane Manel, Supakitch & Koralie, and Imp Kerr) whose work will be on display for the following month (6/24 - 7/24).

Dominique Keegan (Plant Music) will be deejaying and there will be a screenings of Logorama (Oscar 2010 Best Short Animated Movie) and music videos for "Peace Running", directed by Bessy & Combe, and "Pacifics!" directed by Stéphane Manel. All the info is on the flyer below - be sure to RSVP!


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