Jan 22, 2010

Chilly Gonzales in Piano Talk Shows at Joe's Pub

Next month, Chilly Gonzales will begin a weekly series, "Piano Talk Shows" scheduled to happen every Thursday in February at Joe's Pub.

Back in September I witnessed Gonzales' piano battle against Andrew W.K. (video here) which also happened at the venue. I had virtually no exposure to Gonzales' music, knowing him more by name in terms of collaborations with Jamie Lidell and Feist. Fortunately, just a few minutes into his set he played "Take Me to Broadway" which I immediately recognized from an excellent old Simian Mobile Disco mix album. His live version was great and was just the starting point for a night of amazing skills behind the piano (and tons of witty, pleasantly snarky commentary - i.e. "The thing about Feist is...I made her...and I can take her away"). If anyone is equipped to be hosting a 4 night Piano Talk Show, it's Chilly Gonzales.

Complete info on the series below, along with some choice Gonzales footage:

Chilly Gonzales' Piano Talk Shows at Joe's Pub:

February 4 - w/ guest SIA
February 11 - w/ guest Andrew WK
February 18 - w/ guest DJ A-Trak plus surprise guest
February 25 - w/ guest Princess Superstar

All Piano Talk Shows will feature PianoVision, a video installation created by Nina Rhode, aka Ninja Pleasure. Reminiscent of a silent movie, PianoVision allows the audience to see a video projection of the piano’s 88 keys, along with the master’s finger work.
Gonzales Breaking the Guinness World Record for longest live piano performance by any individual (27 hours, 3 minutes and 44 seconds)

(5 album release of the record-breaking performance available digitally here).

Gonzales - Take Me to Broadway

Check out Gonzales' piano remake of Erol Alkan and Boys Noize's "Waves" here which was released as a 7" in a limited pressing of 500 (with a spoken music lesson B-side), look forward to a new full-length, Ivory Tower, out in the US later this year, and definitely try to catch at least one of the Piano Talk Shows (I'm shooting for the 18th with A-trak) at Joe's Pub.


Jay 4:32 AM  

Gonzales makes some pretty dope kinda latin tech house tracks. i have a few i dig quite a bit.

i havent been to your blog in a looooong time but im digging the new layout (dunno how "new" it is, thats how long its been)

keep on trottin!


showtrotta 9:49 AM  

Latin tech house eh? I'll have to look into that.

Glad you like the new layout...I think I changed it at the end of December, so it's still pretty new.

Glad you're back sir!


Jay 2:48 AM  

oh, ok, now im unsure if chilly gonzales and gonzales are the same, for some reason their tracks are grouped together on beatport so maybe im wrong.

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