Dec 10, 2009

This Weekend in New York

Here are some dance-worthy happenings:


Always good disco with David Bruno and Robot Blair:


I knew nothing about John Tejada until I read this interview, but one thing I have known for a while is that Justin and Eamon have yet to lead me wrong in terms of good times on the dance floor:

Meanred is throwing another one of their "Lose Your Shit" loft parties. I'm particularly excited that Eli Escobar is deejaying since the last time I saw him (at Ete D'Amour in July) he was great. You can download that set here. Info on Saturday's party below:

Have fun getting down this weekend! Also, there are more options that I haven't gone into detail about in the list in the left sidebar.


antwan 5:16 PM  

ha, smallchange sens out the funniest emails!

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