May 12, 2009

Fatboy Slim to Deejay Terminal 5!!!!!


I have been waiting 4 years for Fatboy Slim to come back to New York and he finally is!

June 24 (Wednesday) at Terminal 5 (I am not even going to bitch about the venue)! There's a pre-sale tomorrow at 11am (I don't know the password). Tickets go on sale Friday (5/15) at noon. Shinichi Osawa is opening.

If you made a little chart of how I started listening to dance music it would go something like Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Fatboy Slim. In the early days I had Big Beach Boutique II and Live on Brighton Beach on all the time.

I've had the pleasure of seeing Fatboy deejay twice. The first was at the "Funeral" (closing) of Centro-fly, back in April of '04. There was a band playing "Taps", leading a funeral procession complete with a coffin, through the crowd, across the dancefloor. They opened it in front of the booth...and Fatboy hopped out!

He plays great, fun sets...and is a super animated deejay. He dances and hops around the booth like crazy (check the video from Centro-fly's closing below) and writes notes to the crowd on his record sleeves.

This is going to be such a good time. He's the first deejay who made me realize you can drop whatever the hell you want if you're doing a good job (like the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian") and people will freak the fuck out...get ready!


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